Equipment and Staff

Century Saw & Tool uses state of the art equipment to repair and service your tools.  We have two computerized numerically controlled (CNC) grinders that we use to sharpen saw blades.  We use these to grind carbide tipped saw blades, using a multi-grit diamond grinding wheel, to obtain an excellent finish resulting in an ultra sharp and long lasting cutting edge.  These machines are capable of sharpening any tooth geometry, currently used in the marketplace, to very tight tolerances of the manufacturers' original specifications.

AKEMAT U10 TOP GRINDER                                                                                          ARMSTRONG STC 628 TOP/FACE GRINDER
We are also capable of grinding both HSS, carbide-tipped and solid carbide knives.  Our knife grinder is a German made, Reform 51, which is capable of grinding knives up to 80 inches in length.  

                                REFORM 51 KNIFE GRINDER

We also specialize in the repair of small tools, both metal and wood cutting.  Our small tool service area includes a multitude of tool and cutter grinders, Cuttermaster spiral tool grinders, and drill bit sharpeners, along with numerous other miscellaneous equipment.  The large assortment of grinders available in our shop allows us to be both effecient and precise in the service of the smaller tools because we are able to allocate particular machines for specific grinding functions.


As you can see, we are very well equipped to handle most all of your tool service requirements.  Additionally, in those rare occassions that we don't have the capabilities, we can almost always get the job done through one of the many contacts we have within the industry.  

Equipment and technology are obviously important in any service company in today's highly competitive world,  But at Century Saw & Tool, we ultimately feel that our professional staff is what makes us a leader in our industry.  Even today, Century has well over 100 years of industry experience working within the company.  Additionally, our staff has been very loyal to the company, with the least tenured employee being with the company for over three years but having over 40 years working within the industry.  All other staff has been with Century for well over five years. 

Sherri Lynch has been with Century for over 10 years and is the person you will most likely speak to when calling the office.  Sherri handles all of the office duties as well as taking orders and solving problems over the phone.  Those that have dealt with Sherri, know that she is both courteous and professional and has a "can do" attitude with everything that she encounters.  You can reach her by phone or by email at  

Denny Graham is a salesman for the company and has been with Century for almost 10 years.  Denny always puts the customer first and will make every effort to assist you with all of your tooling needs.

Darrell Wilbanks has been with Century for over three years, but has over 40 years of tooling knowledge and experience.  That knowledge is a tremendous asset to the company.  Additionally, his level of customer service is second to none.

Tony Garcia is our shop foreman and has been with the company for 15 years.  Tony has a working knowledge of all areas and duties within our shop.  He is a very conscientious and dedicated professional, and 100% customer satisfaction is his ultimate goal.
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