Company History

Century Saw & Tool was started over 35 years ago by Ray Gauer.  Ray had been in the tooling business for close to 20 years working for Hicks Saw & Knife in Waco, Texas.  Hicks Saw & Knife had fallen into financial difficulty, after the death of its owner, resulting in a local bank having to repossess the company's assets.  Ray, and his partner (name unknown), then struck a deal with the local bank to purchase many of the assets, primarily equipment and tools, from his previous employer.  Not only did Century Saw begin with the bulk of the assets from the old Hicks Saw & Knife, but many of the employees from the company also came to work for the new company.  According to Ray, the name Century Saw & Tool was selected due to the fact that the combined saw shop experience of the employees was more than 100 years of service.

Shortly after getting the company established, Ray hired Howard Denard as an outside salesman to assist him with servicing Century's customer base along with developing new customers.  Howard turned out to be natural salesman and a pretty good tool guy, which helped the company experience sales growth during its early years.  Soon after Howard joined the company, Ray's original partner began experiencing health issues, which ultimately lead to Howard purchasing his interest in the business and becoming Ray's partner for next 20 plus years.  Ray and Howard's business philosophy was based on integrity.  They believed that customer satisfaction was the number one priority and worked hard to delivery that to each customer day in and day out. 

After being in the tooling business for over 40 years, Ray was ready to retire in late 1996, and he and Howard decided it was time to sell the business.  They were looking for someone to carry on their hard work and wanted to see the business continue to thrive into the future.  Ideally, they hoped that someone young and energetic would come along and take the reigns and achieve similar success that they had experienced over the years. 

This is where Tim and Paul Hicks entered the picture.  Tim and Paul had come from several generations of Waco small business owners, beginning with their grandfather, E. A. Hicks, who, with his brothers, started Hicks Tire and Rubber Co. many years ago.  Additionally, their father, Jim Hicks, owned and operated Ozark Leather Co., for more than 30 years.  The brothers had long dreamed of going into business together, and Ray and Howard provided them with that opportunity by selling them the assets of Century Saw & Tool in April of 1997.

Neither of the brothers had any experience in the tooling business, but Ray and Howard agreed to stay on temporarily to train and assist them through the transition of ownership.  Even without specific knowledge of the tooling business, both of the brothers knew that through hard work and perserverance, they would be successful running a business of their own.  With a similar commitment to honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction, Tim and Paul went to work to make Century Saw & Tool a strong and thriving enterprise.  The journey has been challenging but equally as rewarding and the future is bright to say the least.  We look forward to serving our current customers and developing new business relationships for many years to come.
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